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German-American Economic Relations:
June 19, 2009: Germany and the United States have one of the largest and most important bilateral economic relationships in the world. Bilateral investment has reached stunning levels with more than $1 trillion in assets controlled by German companies in the U.S. and American companies operating in Germany. With the enormous size of our two way investment, more and more jobs in both of our countries depend on this relationship. Indeed, 670,000 Americans, or one in every 200 employed in the private sector, now works for a German company. Meanwhile, American companies in Germany employ nearly 800,000 Germans (one out of every 35 German private sector employees), and the multiplier effects of this employment support up to an estimated additional 2 million jobs for the German economy. Bilateral trade fuels and supports these enormous investment underpinnings. The United States is now the top export market for Bavaria, Baden-Wüttemburg, and Berlin, and ranks among the top five export markets for 13 of Germany's 16 Länder.

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